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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional expertise and comprehensive solutions, setting us apart in the industry. Our commitment to excellence results in consistent superior results, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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We are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of service, and our 24/7 availability is just another testament to our commitment to our clients.

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Who we are

Welcome to Vehicle Recovery Specialist, the epitome of excellence in vehicle recovery services across the United Kingdom. Evolving from our humble beginnings as a garage-based vehicle maintenance company, we have now metamorphosed into a leading service provider dedicated to empowering new and existing businesses with a particular focus on vehicle recovery services. Our exceptional expertise and comprehensive solutions set us apart in the industry.

Our Vision and Mission

At Vehicle Recovery Specialist, our vision is to be the UK’s leading service provider in the vehicle recovery sector. We aim to achieve this by continuously delivering top-notch services and creating value for our partners through our innovative, customer-centric approach.

Our mission is to provide exceptional support services to businesses, helping them thrive and expand their operations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, and to achieving this, we consistently invest in our people, technology, and processes.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Vehicle Recovery Specialist are our core values: 

We operate with utmost transparency, strive for creative solutions to challenges, and are unwavering in our commitment to deliver the highest standards of service.


0800 0541 1511